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New Horizons Farm LLC

Bath, MI USA

Disciplines: Dressage

Breeds: Westfalian


A Tradition of Excellence Breeding Exceptional Sporthorses in a Smaller Package

Breeding exceptional quality world class “smaller Warmbloods” that are the total package–outstanding temperament, character, trainability, and rideability with powerful movement. Our mares are approved for breeding with AHR, RPSI, and Westfalen, and our stallion is performance testing and approved for breeding into the top stud books for Westfalen,RPSI and Weser Ems, as well as AHR and the AWSSR. Horses bred by us have won top honors at breed and Warmblood/Sporthorse inspections, end-of-the-year Champions through RPSI, USDF, and AWS, and have numerous wins at halter and under saddle with throughout the United States with both breed registries and USDF. Our imported Austrian stallion, Stellar TVR (Straden/Altess), consistently passes on his outstanding hindquarter, strong loin connection, powerful movement and wonderful temperament and character to his foals out of a wide variety of mares. 100% of our foals by Stellar have sold inutero since 2014, sometimes two years in advance, including this year’s foal crop. Stellar stands to a limited number of approved mares each season, including Warmbloods, Thoroughbreds, GRPs and sport ponies, in addition to purebred mares. Purebred foals can be registered through AHR, Westfalen and Weser Ems. Foals out of other mares mentioned above are eligible for registration through Weser Ems (Barock Horse Studbook) and a C.O.P. through RPSI/Westfalen NA. We invite you to visit our website for more photos, videos and information.



Mary Procopio